Groovy 60s hippie costume (men)

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60s hippie ladies costume

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Peace sign hippie necklace

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70s disco costume (men)

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Flower power hippie men costume

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Flower power hippie ladies costume

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Paisley hippie ladies costume

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Batik pattern hippie costume (men)

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Flower children, communes and free love

The heyday of this youth movement lasted from 1965 to 71. But to this day we are shaped by the 1960s, the peace groups and music festivals. The fascination of the hippie era is omnipresent and wildFlower power parties or psychedelic fetuses are more topical than ever.

Love, Peace & amp; Harmony

The epicenter of the hippie community was and is San Francisco, California. From here the music direction, the attitude to life and theFlower power mode Styles carried around the world. The earth became more colorful and styles like batik, boho and paisley are still in the standard repertoire of every designer today. Immerse yourself in the colorful world of the Loving 60s and findyour matching hippie costume in the online shop.

Make Love, not War and wear a colorful floral dress with it

Large, colorful flower prints are certainly the most formative style element during the hippie heyday. Colors were also in the foreground and couldn't be gaudy and pop enough. At the same time, the Do-It-Yourself trend got goinghomemade hippie outfits could be found everywhere. Sewing, knitting and, last but not least, the individual coloring of clothesusing the batik technique belonged to good form.

Peace sign necklace, hairbands, floral wreath

You also want to put together a classic flower power costume, then you should pay attention to the details and decisive hippie costume accessories. In addition to clothes and pants, flowers of all shapes and colors can also be found in hair. Headbands and headbands, bandanas, and wreaths of hair were braided and tied. Such aFlower wreaths can easily be bought in the shop and by the way can alsogreat design yourself. Another important symbol of the hippies was the peace emblem or alsoknown as the peace sign. It goes back to the artist and activist Gerald Holtom, who designed it especially for an anti-nuclear protest march in 1958. This peace symbol can still be found on countless t-shirts and hopefully on your hippie costume:)

The best way to experience your Summer of Love is in bell-bottomsen

Freedom of movement, a liberal use of drugs and living together in new communities all come from the flower power movement. You should be completely informal andstylish at a hippie theme party or want to show up at a Woodstock revival, then of course you need a suit. In the Partypanda shop you will find all the outfit parts and costume accessories that make the hip game look perfect. As a woman that would bePaisley hippie ladies costume a very good choice and as a man this is recommendedFlower power costume with original flared pants. United as a duo at a carnival party with the Hippie couple costumes this is not a problem in our range.

In this sense - All you need is love!

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