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LED glasses

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Sound activated LED glasses

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LED glasses (5th pcs)

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LED sunglasses (5 pcs.)

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Party panda luminous glasses

Party Panda is one of the leading online shops for LED glasses. For years we have been offering a range of different illuminated glasses for parties, clubs and business events. In addition to excellent quality, we specialize in offering glasses with individual branding for corporate events. Our rechargeable batteries usually use 2 AA batteries. This ensures a long service life for the glasses until the early hours of the morning. The batteries are attached to a 1.25 meter long cable so that they can easily be stowed in your pocket.

LED glasses & amp; EL wire glasses for a strong appearance

After years of experimentation, we can confidently say that our EL wire glasses are an absolute hit at any party. To see how they look in the dark, watch this EL wire glasses video. Especially in twilight and in the dark, the luminosity of the glasses really comes out and looks great on photos. But we also offer solutions for day parties. LED sunglasses can be worn with darkened glasses or you can score points at the festival with LED sound activated shutter glasses. Convince yourself!

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