Black light clown mask

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Sofort lieferbar

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UV neon body pen

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UV neon body paint

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Sofort lieferbar

UV neon lipstick

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Sofort lieferbar

UV neon mascara

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Sofort lieferbar

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UV keychain

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UV body paint and makeup offer the absolute fun factor at parties, festivals, street parades and carnival. With the body colors, children also have a lot of fun on children's birthdays. The fluorescent UV neon make-up develops a high level of luminosity, which means that you can put your body in the limelight. With black light and UV lamps, the body and its surroundings are transformed into a dreamlike, imaginative backdrop.

The paint is easy to apply all over the body. Finger, sponge or brush are suitable for this. After use, the paint can easily be washed off and washed off with soap and water.

In order to paint each part of the body individually, we offer a wide range of products so that the right color and shape is available for every situation. In addition to UV face and body colors, there are also colors and thin pencils available. The latter are used to paint even more precise motifs. We also offer glow-in-the-dark paint and pens. By briefly charging in bright light, the color glows in the dark, which can create cool effects.

In addition to UV lipstick and UV mascara, we also offer UV lip gloss in different flavors for women. Our range is rounded off with glitter body colors. So that your party really goes through the roof, you can order black light tubes for your guests as well as black light key rings.

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