• The craziest carnival customs in the world

    Posted on by Steve Kirchhoff

    Oh carnival, you most beautiful of all festivals. Your pompous parades, the social gathering, the dreamy costumes. In Lucerne, Winterthur, Basel and elsewhere, many people go to great lengths to get an unprecedented party off the ground, and in many places it can be quite boisterous. These 5 examples prove that you can spend the foolish carnival days really crazy and crazy:

    Ivrea / Italy: The most vital carnival festival in the world

    Orangen Schlacht in Italien

    Anyone who has already experienced tomatina in Spain will be able to understand this unusual tradition just as well. At the Battaglia delle arance, the orange battle, a regular citrus fruit massacre is held. On the month before Ash Wednesday, two local groups go into a real war. Armed with tons of ripe oranges and a good portion of good humor, you throw the vitamin C bombs in your face with a lot of bangs. Whether as a fighter or as a spectator, wearing a helmet is recommended in any case.n.

    Puerto de la Cruz Tenerife / Spain: Men's high-heeled shoe runer

    Männer in High Heels

    Another annual carnival highlight is the high-heeled shoe run in the town of Puerto de La Cruz on Tenerife. The special thing about this is that hundreds of rather clumsy looking men take part in this obstacle race. In addition to walking in high heels, which is already difficult, as a brave man you also have to climb over benches or carry a tray with full glasses. Of course, the brave newcomers to pumps do not miss out on wearing their most beautiful women's dresses and skirts for this event.

    Murcia / Spain: The sardine funeral

    Murcia - Sardinen Fest


    The carnival celebrations in the tranquil town of Murcia are also very bizarre. First of all, it is noticeable that the carnival is celebrated quite late there, namely in the week after Easter. So if you haven't had enough of the hustle and bustle, you should take another detour here. The big procession led by a huge sardine made of paper mache is the end of the wild days. She is solemnly buried and her end thus also means the end of Lent and the beginning of the wet and happy time. Numerous costume groups, colorfully decorated carriages and countless funny, disguised onlookers line the streets for this occasion.

    Port of Spain / Trinidad & amp; Tobago: Can chocolate be a sin??

    Trinidad Carnival in Chocolate

    Image source:

    It is widely known that you can party properly in the Caribbean. But on Rose Monday it gets really crazy in the capital of the island state. You shouldn't be squeamish at the so-called JOuvert, because participants and all bystanders rub themselves in with crude oil or chocolate sauce. Thousands of people take part in this greasy spectacle. Then there is a hot shower and the party continues in lovely underwear in the streets of the metropolis. This slimy-slippery event has the background that the uniform paste-up makes the differences between poor and rich a minor matter for at least one day..

    La Vega - Domenican Republic: Limping devils

    The Carnival de la Vega is also celebrated in the Caribbean. The focus of the parades every Sunday is the Hinkebein devils with their terrible grimace masks. Terrifying visages, bloodshot oversized eyes, scars - the horror masks are handcrafted for days and are a local tradition. In addition to these shudder costumes, you can also find classic Caribbean carnival outfits made of feathers, rhinestones and glitter.n.

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  • The foolish days - where does the carnival tradition come from?

    Posted on by Andrei Maksimovich

    What is carnival?

    Maske der Basler Fasnacht

    Basically, it is extremely difficult to identify the one unequivocal origin of these festive days. Opinions are divided even on the word Fastnacht, but most historians today are of the opinion that it was borrowed from Old High German. It is a mixture of 'fasta' fasting and 'approaching' night and already indicates a component of the tradition: fasting. This was particularly shaped by the church in the 12th to 14th centuries with the aim of giving this culture a Christian character and negating pagan customs.eren.

    However, these pagan and peasant traditions began in more mystical realms. With theDressing up and the loud drumming in the streets wanted to banish the evil spirits of darkness and winter from the place and rather to let the light back into the houses.

    Even very mundane origins lead to today's carnival traditions. At a time when refrigerators and freezers were still a long way off, the pantry was looted in February to prevent the valuable food from spoiling. The formal feasts and feeding orgies that arose in some households were simply a means to an end.

    the fact is…

    Rio Karneval Kostümthe carnival season and carnival are trends that drive people around the world to live out their traditions and celebrate together. Whether lightly clad on the beach at Ipanema in Rio, with millions of visitors at the Rhenish street parade or in Basel with its numerous and splendidly dressed guilds - Carnival is and remains a spectacle that brings young and old together.

    Beginning and end of the carnival season

    Konfetti am Boden

    In many places in Switzerland and southern Germany, theNovember 11th as a start the foolish fifth season crystallized. The background for the origin of this appointment is the original second fasting period which was held 40 days before Christmas. With the exception of small meetings, the time up to January 5th was relatively spared from the carnival and only with Epiphany, January 6th, was the hustle and bustle given free rein.

    The end of Carnival is again closely linked to Christian calendar dates. Pope Gregory the Great ordered a 40-day fasting phase around the year 600. The start was scheduled for the 6th Sunday before Easter, the Invocavit. Later on, the Sundays before Easter were done outside of fasting. In order to guarantee a period of 40 days for fasting and sacrifice, the beginning of the fasting period was put back by 6 days, today's Ash Wednesday. Now around Ash Wednesday there are different views of when the foolish days begin. In some parts it is put on the Thursday before Carnival Monday, the so-called dirty Thursday. In Basel, howeverkick off The Drey Scheenschte Daag only on the Monday after Ash Wednesday. This choice of date is probably closely linked to the traditional pattern of the guilds, which in the Middle Ages only began after Ash Wednesday.n.

    The thing about dressing up

    Venezianischer KarnevalTwo trends are shaping today's appearance of the many colorful disguises and costume parades. Even in pre-Christian times, people tried to drive away the dark days by putting on masks and ghost costumes and finally to leave the horrors of winter behind them. Later in the 15th and 16th centuries, the foolish time was used to make fun of the authorities on a small scale. The tradition of the prince couple and the foolish court was born during this time. To this day, the custom has persisted in the process of referring to grievances in society and politics and in general to vent a little.’.

    No matter what the motivation for thatWearing a costume In concrete terms, there are no more limits to creativity and ingenuity these days. Few people really stick to the strict rules of fasting and in times of modern lamps nobody has to sit in the dark for months. But we have broken with conventions in many areas of life and still preserved traditions. Carnival is exactly one of these developments and nobody wants to miss it:)

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  • The ultimate Halloween party playlist

    Posted on by Steve Kirchhoff

    Your zombie costume is already ready, the creepy party snacks are prepared, your apartment is splendidly decorated in a horror look and your Halloween party can begin?

    But what is still missing at this point, of course? The appropriate musical adaptation for all your vampire, goth and ghost guests. So we took our time the ultimate party playlist for the horror party put together!

     There are of course horror song classics like

    • Michael Jackson thriller
    • Zombie from the cranberries
    • Or Monster Mash by Bobby Picket.

    But many pieces of contemporary music have also found their place in our Halloween party hit parade.

    And if you still need a gruesomely beautiful outfit or a terrible make-up, then visit usour PartyPanda shop

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  • Halloween in a flash box - horror and shock films that you have to see!

    Posted on by Steve Kirchhoff

    Die besten Filme zu Halloween

    Scream as loud as you can. Don't leave the house after midnight. And make sure the gremlins don't get wet.

    Who doesn’t know these basic rules of life from famous horror films, which are carved in stone. Especially in the Halloween season, it’s all about forcing goosebumps again and raising the hair on the back of the neck. The shock movies of the last few decades are simply made for this task..

    Once again we rummaged through the Hollywood film archives for youList of the absolute must-watch filmsen to create with the special fear factor. Put popcorn in the microwave and get the Ben & amp; Jerrys out of the freezer: Take the film!!

    The top 7 Halloween films - compiled by the party panda

    Halloween - The night of horror

    This classic already bears the theme in its name. The year is 1963, the night: October 31st. Police are called to 43 Lampkin Lane only to find that 15 year old Judith Myers was killed by her 6 year old brother Michael. From now on Michael is kept in a sanatorium until he breaks out 15 years after the terrible act. His psychiatrist Dr. Loomis suspects thatMichael Myers original costumem) returns to his hometown. Can he prevent this and save the place from disaster??

    Army of Darkness

    Actually the third part of the Evil Dead series, Army of Darkness is at the same time the fantasy horror cult film par excellence. The main character Ash travels through time and arrives at a medieval castle around the year 1300. The castle and its inhabitants are threatened by dark forces, and Ash is also classified as an enemy after his arrival. But it quickly turns out that he is the prophesied savior. Can the cranky hero of the future do justice to this task??

    Donnie Darko

    A mystical film that lives from its eerie mood and does not have to rely on horror scenes. Donnie Darko tells the story of a troubled teenager who receives dark visions from a creepy rabbit. This rabbit announces the end of the world in 28 days and Donnie wants to avert it. In search of answers, Donnie tries to travel back in time to turn back the clock and thus prevent the world's seemingly impending fate. But his intervention is not without consequences.

    Nightmare on Elmstreet

    Similar to Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger is also the genre villain. Strangely dressed and with razor-sharp blades on all the fingers of his right hand, he gives the kids on Elm Street constantly restless nights. A group of four teenagers begin to have the same strange nightmares about Freddy before one of them is cruelly murdered in his sleep. Is the dream figure Freddy maybe real? And if so, how can you stop him?n?

    How about a suitable one, by the wayFreddy Krueger mask? Get it now in the shop!



    Psychological games to the power of 10 and nothing for weak stomachs. Two strangers wake up in a room without remembering how or why they got there. They soon discover that they are pawns in a deadly game of chess controlled by an infamous serial killer, Jigsaw. Work together or the instinct for survival will prevail and mold you into opponents in this almost hopeless fightpf?


    With this movie the shock genre was brought back to life. And at the same time he pays his respects to the film profession when in a scene at the beginning teenagers are watching the Halloween classic on the sofa at home. One year after the brutal death of Sidney's mother, more murders begin in the small town. The only clue to the killer is a ghost mask. A local news reporter, Gale Weathers, is on the case, and she and Sidnes want to find out who the serial killer is. When the night of the nights comes, she will see who the person behind the mask is.t.

    The Shining

    This 1980 film is also an absolute must-see. The failed writer Jack Torrance played by Jack Nicholson is appointed caretaker and manager of the Overlook Hotel in the remote mountains of Colorado. Jack, a family man, takes his wife and son to the hotel for company during the long and isolated nights. Strange things happen shortly after their arrival, when Jack's son begins to see horrific visions, driven by a force called "The Shining". This condition, coupled with his persistent writer's block, lead to a complete mental breakdown and increased delusions in Jack. The family now becomes the plaything of their own fear.t.

    If you feel like going to a horror movie night, then have a look at theHalloween shop at past!

    Happy scary time!

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  • Halloween make-up tip:Stretched Mouth

    Posted on by Steve Kirchhoff

    That makes you laugh: Make-up tutorial - Stretched Mouth

    Halloween is just around the corner and you want to put on a special look, but make-up is not your supreme discipline. Susi's 'stretched mouth' is the perfect introduction to scary makeup and anyone can do it easily. In 8 easy steps and about 20 to 30 minutes you can do this sensational oneHalloween face readjust.


    1. First apply some foundation. For example, to create the undead look, you can prime your face completely pale-light

    2. Now we determine the outlines of our extended mouth, e.g. with a contour pen.

    3. Now the teeth follow. To do this, use white make-up to create two thick lines along the contour.

    4. The individual tooth gaps are drawn with a fine dark pencil. A liquid eyeliner can also be used for this. Make sure the teeth get smaller towards the end.

    5. Now decide on the shape of your scene and clearly trace the edges. In this example we have chosen a pointed variant.

    6. Now the space between the tooth spaces is filled in black.

    7. This is followed by the lips in a contrasting red. In order to be able to work precisely, we recommend a lip pencil or lip liner.

    8. Finally, our lips are artificially lengthened. We use the lip liner again for this.

    If you want to go one step further and achieve an exciting black light effect, you should use so-called glow-in-the-dark make-up:

    Schwarzlicht-Schminke - Skelett

    You can of course find this and many other make-up sets inParty Panda Shop.

    We thank Susi and her very muchBlog Chapters by S. for providing the content and images. Have a look at her!

    Have fun applying make-up! And Happy Halloween!

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