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Oh carnival, you most beautiful of all festivals. Your pompous parades, the social gathering, the dreamy costumes. In Lucerne, Winterthur, Basel and elsewhere, many people go to great lengths to get an unprecedented party off the ground, and in many places it can be quite boisterous. These 5 examples prove that you can spend the foolish carnival days really crazy and crazy:

Ivrea / Italy: The most vital carnival festival in the world

Orangen Schlacht in Italien

Anyone who has already experienced tomatina in Spain will be able to understand this unusual tradition just as well. At the Battaglia delle arance, the orange battle, a regular citrus fruit massacre is held. On the month before Ash Wednesday, two local groups go into a real war. Armed with tons of ripe oranges and a good portion of good humor, you throw the vitamin C bombs in your face with a lot of bangs. Whether as a fighter or as a spectator, wearing a helmet is recommended in any case.n.

Puerto de la Cruz Tenerife / Spain: Men's high-heeled shoe runer

Männer in High Heels

Another annual carnival highlight is the high-heeled shoe run in the town of Puerto de La Cruz on Tenerife. The special thing about this is that hundreds of rather clumsy looking men take part in this obstacle race. In addition to walking in high heels, which is already difficult, as a brave man you also have to climb over benches or carry a tray with full glasses. Of course, the brave newcomers to pumps do not miss out on wearing their most beautiful women's dresses and skirts for this event.

Murcia / Spain: The sardine funeral

Murcia - Sardinen Fest


The carnival celebrations in the tranquil town of Murcia are also very bizarre. First of all, it is noticeable that the carnival is celebrated quite late there, namely in the week after Easter. So if you haven't had enough of the hustle and bustle, you should take another detour here. The big procession led by a huge sardine made of paper mache is the end of the wild days. She is solemnly buried and her end thus also means the end of Lent and the beginning of the wet and happy time. Numerous costume groups, colorfully decorated carriages and countless funny, disguised onlookers line the streets for this occasion.

Port of Spain / Trinidad & amp; Tobago: Can chocolate be a sin??

Trinidad Carnival in Chocolate

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It is widely known that you can party properly in the Caribbean. But on Rose Monday it gets really crazy in the capital of the island state. You shouldn't be squeamish at the so-called JOuvert, because participants and all bystanders rub themselves in with crude oil or chocolate sauce. Thousands of people take part in this greasy spectacle. Then there is a hot shower and the party continues in lovely underwear in the streets of the metropolis. This slimy-slippery event has the background that the uniform paste-up makes the differences between poor and rich a minor matter for at least one day..

La Vega - Domenican Republic: Limping devils

The Carnival de la Vega is also celebrated in the Caribbean. The focus of the parades every Sunday is the Hinkebein devils with their terrible grimace masks. Terrifying visages, bloodshot oversized eyes, scars - the horror masks are handcrafted for days and are a local tradition. In addition to these shudder costumes, you can also find classic Caribbean carnival outfits made of feathers, rhinestones and glitter.n.

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