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The trend of the Ugly Sweater Party has spilled over from America across the pond to our latitudes in recent years. But not only in the USA this form of party has been enjoying great popularity for a long time, but also in Great Britain. The party, which translates as "ugly sweater party", is celebrated every year at Christmas time and, so to speak, heralds Christmas. In the US, December 18th is an official holiday, "National Ugly Sweater Day". Since Christmas sweaters with the most unusual motifs are particularly popular as gifts in England and the USA, this party trend arose. This party is not about the fanciest outfit, but the star of the party is the one who wears the ugliest and most unusual sweater.

The following applies to all party guests when it comes to disguise: The most important accessory of the evening is the "Ugly Sweater". The more creative, more detailed and unusual the sweater or knitted vest, the better. You can freely choose the rest of the outfit. To complement the sweater, for example, halos, rhinestones for the face, glasses, hats, fancy skirts or trousers and of course shoes in the style of the elves. Or you choose a completely normal outfit and let the Ugly Sweater speak for itself.

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