Achilles costume

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Greek heroism to wear the Achilles costume..

The epitome of the Greek hero The legend among the almost invulnerable in antiquity Only one figure fits this description: Achilles. There is a superhero in you, who remains hidden behind the well-groomed facade in everyday life. At the next theme party or the upcoming carnival, you have the opportunity to express your strengths in an unmistakable way with the Achilles costume.en.

In the battle for Troy Achilles proved his strength. Now you are challenged to emulate the hero of antiquity. With the deceptively real costume, you are in no way inferior to the war hero of Troy, at least externally. Now your skills are required! So you can let it rip at the next carnival if you pay attention to your Achilles heelst…

Product features:

  • Material is made of 100 polyesterr
  • Color is black
  • Costume easy to put on and take off thanks to Velcro
  • Can be worn over clothing

Scope of delivery:

  • Achilles costume
  • tunic
  • belt
  • Gauntlets
  • Leg protection

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