Egyptian costume - Crown Prince Anubis

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Bring a touch of Egypt to Europe with the Crown Prince Anubis costume.

Anubis is known from Egyptian mythology. Depicted as a person with a dog's head, he was the god of mummification in ancient times. So there is something very mystical and almost frightening about it. You want to use this image for yourself Then the Egyptian costume in the form of the Crown Prince Anubis is just right for you and the next theme party..

This god costume includes a tunic, a collar, arm warmers, a bracelet and a mask. With this costume you are well dressed for the next theme party, carnival or carnival. The Egypt costume is completely black and gold. The mask creates an authentic costume in the Crown Prince Anubis look. Really scary.

With this costume in the look of antiquity, carnival or carnival can come, because with this god costume you are sure to attract attention.

Product features:

  • Material is made of 100 polyesterr
  • Colors are black and gold

Scope of delivery:

  • tunic
  • collar
  • Arm warmers
  • bracelet
  • mask

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