Bath towel hamburger

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Big hamburger bath towel

scope of delivery

  • Large bath towel in the Hamburg look
  • Material: microfiber
  • Size: approx. 1.50 mx 1.50 m

A big burger to take away, please!

Let the sun shine on your fur, that's what we all dream of. But why does it always have to be a standard towel? Maybe it can be a little funky and colorful with the big burger bath towel you always have a casual mat ready for the beach or meadow. And everyone will definitely want to take a bite!

Sunbathing for two is not a problem

With hisDiameter of 150 cm offers thatHamburg beach towel there is also enough space for two sun-hungry fast-food friends at the same time. These calories can be enjoyed on the beach with no regrets.den.

Care instructions for the XXL beach towel

This bath towel can be used at home without difficulty machine wash. We recommend a temperature of 30 degrees to keep the beautiful colors long-term. The towel is not suitable for the dryer.

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