Beach Ball Watermelon

CHF 14.90
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Giant inflatable beach ball watermelon

The definition of a beach holiday and a day at the lake - the brightly colored beach ball in a melon look.

Product features:

  • About 50cm in diameter
  • Material: 100 plasticf
  • Design: melon bright red-greenn)

The lightest and most practical watermelon ever!

You do everything right with a melon in summer. It's very juicy, refreshing as a thirst quencher and a real vitamin bomb. But it has one crucial catch: It is really heavy. But the party panda can help. This is only filled with healthy airMelon beach ball the useful alternative for the beach and Co. Inflated in no time, it offers almost all the advantages of a classic fruit - but without the agonizing lugging around.

The healthy vitamin regimen for your pool

For many, a beach ball symbolizes a summer day by the water. Off to the beach - unpack the towel, put on your swimming trunks and inflate the beach ball. For most people, a successful bathing day begins like this or something like that. And whoever keeps an eye on the style factor on such a day is the oneWatermelon ball the ideal solution.

Pure bathing fun!

No matter whether young or old - a beach ball is an absolute must for a perfect leisure day on the water. The robust outer shell made of plastic ensures that this ball can withstand even the greatest water action. The only thing that bothers him: Wild attempts to practice fruit carving with a knife.

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