Bling ring cup holder

CHF 14.90
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Floating cup holders: bling rings

Diamonds are your drinks best friend. Because with these sparkling pool toys, Prosecco and Co. always stay nice and cool.

Scope of delivery:

  • Three floating cup holders
  • Design: Bling Bling Rings
  • Material: plastic - & gt; No real brillies:)

Bling, Bling Baby - For more style in the pool

It has to glitter, it has to shine, it has to shine. No matter whether you are already a multi-millionaire or a dishwasher - with these 'brilliant-set' rings you make a statement: Diamonds Baby! And even better: the bubbly or optionally the beer always stays nice and cool.l.

Splendor to blow up - the Bling Bling cup holder

In a few seconds these arePool accessories ready to go. When inflated, they hold your cups, glasses and cans tightly and prevent them from tipping over in the pool. They can be stowed away to save space and can be used again and again.

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