Carry Me dwarf costume

CHF 69.90
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Dwarf costume with a difference! Get on your shoulders and become a giant!

People keep asking you "How is the air up there" Then you can put it in and ride these dwarfs yourself. Piggyback on a dwarf, you'll avoid these annoying questions with ease!!

The Dwarf Carry Me costume consists of a pair of pants to which the head and your "new" legs are attached. This makes it appear as if you have tamed the dwarf and have now converted it to your advantage as a means of locomotion. The fame and the best photos are definitely guaranteed at the next carnival or theme party!

Product features:

  • Dwarf piggyback costume with optical illusion
  • Material is made of 100 polyester and cotton woole
  • Colors are red and blue

 Scope of delivery:

  • Carry Me dwarf costume

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