Donald Trump mask

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If your hobbies are wildly sending random tweets, pointless building walls and constantly threatening nuclear war, this is itTrump mask maybe the right costume accessory for you.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Donald Trump - paper mask

Product Features:

  • One size fits all
  • mask perfect for parties
  • Light to wear
  • Material from sturdy cardboard

Real estate tycon, TV celebrity and now that tooPresident of the United States from America. You can think a lot or a little about this man, but you have to give him one thing - the good Donald has had a real career. And you can emulate him now. Withthe realistic cardboard mask à la Donald Trump you are the absolute party president and every fat bargain is yours.

Black suit, red tie and a yellow and blonde Fifi on his head - that's the look of Donald Trump. And if you want to make a presidential appearance at the next theme party or on Halloween, then this Trump mask is just right for you. And to complete your appearance as a would-be politician, you should of course also think of a wife. Withthe right oneMelania Trump paper mask and a pretty evening dress you can rock the party floor as President and First Lady. In this sense: #COVFEFE !!!

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