Donut cup holder

CHF 14.90
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Three floating donut cup holders: strawberry, chocolate and frosted donuts

Always stay cool! This also applies to your drinks on the beach and pool.

Product features:

  • Keeps your drink cold, close and always upright
  • Three inflatable cup holders
  • Perfect for the pool and beach
  • Material: 100 plasticf

Chocolate, strawberry and raspberry - the donut cup holder for the water

We pimp our pool! And we shouldn't do without the absolute summer must-have. With these colorful andfunny cupholders can you say goodbye to lukewarm beer and stale champagne. Your bathers will be deeply grateful to you when you go to the next beach party with themPool toys shows up.

Floating donuts - ready for the pool party in no time

In a few moments these will be inflatable donut cup holder Filled with air by mouth and ready for your cooling mission. They encompass cups and glasses as best as possible and thus always ensure that your drinks are held firmly.

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