Frank Sinatra mask

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Ol Blue Eyess - Frank Sinatra mask

Singer, actor, entertainer - Francis Albert embodied show business like no one before and perhaps after him. Immerse yourself in the world of glamor, casinos and swingthe Frank Sinatra paper mask.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x paper mask - imprinted by Frank Sinatra

Item Features:

  • UnitarySize
  • mask perfect for parties
  • Light to wear
  • Material from sturdy cardboard

I did it my way!

Frank Sinatra never had any musical training and was only able to read rudimentary music. But the boy from a humble background and son of Italian immigrants has achieved world fame.

Francis dedicated himself to music throughout his life and played solo entertainers in numerous cafés and bars as a teenager. He was later discovered by well-known band leaders and hired as the main singer. The first record deal shouldn't be long in coming. Overall hasFrank Sinatra sold over 150 million records in the course of his career.

    But he is told that even according to the 'Voice' he did not always play with open cards. Roped parties with mafia giants and bullies were said to have been the case. He is said to have used the services of the gangsters several times to implement his career aspirations and to intimidate record bosses or film producers in a targeted manner. Such practices could not be proven, but even in the Oscar-winning film 'The Godfather' is Sinatra and expelled his machinations.

    With thephotorealistic Frank - Sinatra mask can you relive the good old days What is still missing are a sleek suit and patent leather shoes! Go to the nearest karaoke bar and smack a skilful 'New York, New York' or act as a RatPack trio.

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