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The well-stocked Scot wears a surprise under his skirt in this costume.

We have all asked ourselves what a Scot wears under his tartan skirt or whether he wears anything under it at all. You will have an answer to that at the next party if you wear this costume.

The exhibitionistic costume is also just the thing for a bachelorette party. In this way, the bachelor can once again fully enjoy and live out his male side before he then enters the port of marriage. With this costume you will definitely be the eye-catcher and above all attract the looks of the ladies.

The costume consists of several parts and can be easily combined with everyday clothing.

Product features:

  • Humorous Scottish costume
  • 100 polyester materialr
  • Multiple colors
  • Costume is easy to put on and take off
  • Can be worn over clothing

Scope of delivery:

  • Tartan skirt
  • belt
  • Oversized dödel
  • White socks
  • Cap
  • Red hair and beard
  • Top
  • sash

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