Pineapple air mattress

CHF 44.90
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XXL pineapple air mattress inflatabler)

The queen of tropical fruits - now available as a fun pineapple pool toy.

Scope of delivery:

  • Giant inflatable air mattress model: pineapple
  • Dimensions: approx. 180x120 cm
  • Material: vinyl plastic
  • Suitable for ages 8 and up
  • Load up to approx. 90kg
  • Can be transported to save space

Bring paradise to you at the bathing lake!

For many, the pineapple is the epitome of the tropical paradise. Mostly we find them in mining areas of South America. Brazil and Costa Rica are the main producers and at the same time, for many people, far away vacation destinations. And for all bathing beauties who cannot simply jet around the globe to visit beaches in the South Sea, we have itPineapple-shaped swimming ringin the Partypanda range. With this round air mattress you can always slide relaxed on the water and dream of the ideal palm beach.

Pineapple Air Mattress- The Legal Pool Party Drug

In addition to its high vitamin C content, the pineapple also shines with high levels of vanilin and serotonin. These substances ensure a balanced mood and satisfaction in our brain. The vanilin in particular can even be rightstimulate, euphorize and eroticize. So be careful with the dosage. Our pineapple air mattress actually causes the same emotional states when used correctly. But the nice thing is that we can completely save ourselves the hassle of peeling and chopping.

Quickly inflated and very robust

The large valves ensure that theMega pineapple air mattressis inflated in a few minutes and is ready for bathing fun. The whole thing can be done easily with your own lung power. If you want, you can use a pump not included in the scope of delivery and the water action can begin. Made from durable vinyl plastic, even the wildest pool party won't get it out of shape anytime soon..  

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