Air mattress Einhorn/Unicorn XL

CHF 64.90
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XL air mattress unicorn

The absolute summer trend and not just for hardcore unicorn fans.

Product features:

  • Air mattress in unicorn look
  • With a golden horn and a rainbow head
  • 200cm length x 100cm height x 90cm width
  • Material: 100 plasticf

The giant unicorn - now you have three wishes!

Anyone who rubs the golden horn of this swimming animal three times under the full moon and using a four-leaf clover, hasimmediately three wishes free. That is absolutely true and whoever is clever here simply wishes for three more enchanted unicorns with them. Isn't it clear, or another wish tip: To have the world's largest pool in the garden and 365 days of sunshine a year. After all, you always want to see this unicorn swim ring in action!

Relaxed floating around with the unicorn air mattress

Thanks to its size, this pool raft can easily accommodate 2 to 3 bathers. Even if you should only stroke such mythical creatures, you canhaunted unicorn float Thanks to its robust plastic, it can withstand rough treatment and is therefore also great for children.

Inflated very quickly!

The large valves allow the oversized ones to be inflated quicklyUnicorn bathing island. A pump or a commercially available hair dryer Attention: only use cold air to get this air mattress ready to go in less than 5 minutes.r.

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