Air mattress Einhorn/Unicorn XXL

CHF 79.90
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XXL unicorn air mattress

For more unicorns in pools and bathing lakes!

Product features:

  • Air mattress in unicorn look
  • Only real with gold horn and the rainbow forelock
  • Dimensions: 270cm length x 140cm height x 130cm width
  • Material: 100 plasticf

We go to the beach and pack up ...

... of course ours giant unicorn air mattress. If you want to openly show your affection for the mythical creatures with the horn at the pool or the sea this summer, you will come to thisPool raft just not over. With a length of over 2.70 m and its unique design, this bathing island will simply put everything on the beach in the shade, literally! :)

Grandma's air mattress has had its day - make room for the unicorn float!

Sit relaxed on the mattress with 2 or 3 friends and relax in the cool water in the best sunshine. With this oversized pool raft that's no problem at all. Because of hismystical magical powers and thanks to its very sturdy plastic, this unicorn can take a lot of action. It can easily handle wild romping and splashing in the water.

The inflatable unicorn - ready for the pool in 5 minutes

Thanks to large valves, this canUnicorn air mattress can be inflated extremely quickly. A pump or a normal household hair dryer. Caution: only use cold air to make it ready for use in less than 5 minutes.. 

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