Air mattress popsicle

CHF 39.90
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Ice lolly air mattress

What would summer be without the obligatory popsicle

Product features:

  • Air mattress: popsicle design
  • Colors: red, white, blue, brown
  • Length: approx. 180 cm
  • Material: sturdy vinyl

    Glide in style on the water

    That works well with the huge ice lolly air mattress. Your pool party needs an upgrade. Your beach vacation is imminent. Then we should hurry up this practical andd funny swimming aid wrap up. Relaxing on the water has never been cooler!

    The inflatable Popsicle - into the pool in 3 minutes

    Thanks to the large valves, thisPopsicle - air mattress Ready to go super quickly. With your own puffing power or with the support of a pump, it can be put into operation. Due to its stable workmanship and the solid vinyl, you can alsowild splash parties do not harm this water-ice so quickly. 

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