Air mattress pizza

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XL pizza air mattress

The tastiest must-have among this year's pool toys.

Item Description:

  • Inflatable air mattress extra large - Model: Pizzaza
  • Dimensions: length about 180cm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Suitable for ages 8 and up
  • Load up to approx. 90kg
  • Very space-saving to transport

Nobody can refuse a pizza in honor

And one that works completely without fat and carbohydrates is certainly not the case. Who does not know this: you spend the whole day by the water, going swimming, sunbathing for hours and suddenly you get hungry. With this deliciousAir mattress in pizza look you don't have to walk far. You always have your food with you now.

Resilient and always ready for use quickly

The pizza air mattress was made verysturdy vinyl manufactured. Even the wildest water fights can not upset them so quickly. In the unlikely event that a mishap does occur, you can quickly remove any damage thanks to the repair kit provided. ThisBath toys is blown up very quickly by mouth / pump.).

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