Pope Francis mask

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Urbi et Orbi - The Pope Francis mask

Modest, opinionated and assertive - this is how friends and companions describe him. Follow the head of the church little by littleDeceptively real-looking Pope Francis photo mask you become a pontiff in a flash

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x paper mask á la Pope Francis

Product Features:

  • UniversalBig mask
  • perfect for parties
  • Enjoyable to wear
  • Material from sturdy cardboard

Your blessing for a heavy party

The Vatican, the largest party shed in Italy and you are its doorman. Like no other clergyman before him, Pope Francis approaches his office and task with the will to reform and with energy. He finally wants to give the Catholic Church a more modern and open image and has received a lot of praise for it.

With thePope Francis mask you can absorb a little of this zeal and zest for action and transform every party into an unforgettable holy event. As a party pope, you have the strings in hand and ensure a lively party atmosphere.

Inour range there are many other masks of famous officials and figures from world history. Reach also for Donald Trump andAngela Merkel mask and celebrate a politician motto party!

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