Pinata cup holder

CHF 24.90
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A floating pinata - lots of drinks

Your inflatable pinata to cool drinks for the beach and pool.

Product features

  • keeps your drink cold, close and upright
  • an inflatable cup holder for 5 drinks
  • perfect for the beach
  • Material: 100 plasticf


Mojito, Hugo and Desperados - drink holders for the pool

This summer you need to pimp your own pool and what could be better than a colorful, funny set of pool toys. But these fruity supporters are not only extremely decorative, they also serve a very practical purpose: protection and protectionCooling your drinks.

Floating pinata - ready for the beach party in no time

These are in no time at all inflatable fruit cup holder Inflated by mouth and ready for your pool mission. They grip cups and cans optimally and offer a secure hold even on slightly undulating "sea walks":)

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