Robbie Williams mask

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Swing when you are winning - The Robbie Williams mask

Teen crush, rowdy rockers, drinkers, pill addicts - WORLD STAR. Robert Peter Williams has lived the roller coaster of VIP life like hardly any other musician. The photo-realistic Robbie mask lets you slip into the role of this exceptional artist.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Robbie Williams paper mask


  • One-fits-allSize
  • Light to wear
  • Material from sturdy cardboard

Sex, Drugs, and Rock DJ

At the tender age of 15, his mother signed him up for a casting for a boy band. They found 5 members and named themTake That Troop - The rest is music history. Even if Robbie Williams only appeared as lead singer on 4 songs of the pop group, he was undisputedly the number 1 among the band members. Thousands of teen girls adored him and so his exit from the most successful boy group of the 90s also means the end of the entire combo.

Robbie Williams was the first in his careerDrugs and alcohol not aversed. And Take That Management, which of course wants to sell a dazzling healthy band, couldn't approve of the regular escapades. In the end, little Robbie from Staffordshire / England threw in the towel himself. The alcohol addiction and debauchery should haunt him again and again and let his real talent take a back seat.

Over the years 'Robert' was able to present himself as a serious solo artist and his songs should not be missing at any motto or karaoke party. With the original Rubies cardboard mask in the style of Robbie Williams you will become the British pop king of the modern age and entertain everyone until you drop. Now all you have to do is quickly rehearse the Robbie songs. A little taste please?


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