Swimming ring margarita cocktail

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Swimming ring / air mattress Margarita Cocktail

... and this special drink even works without a hangover the next morning.

Product details

  • 185cm diameter at the longest point
  • Material: 100 plasticf
  • Poal Float from 8 years
  • Easy to clean

Margarita - the perfect mix drink for your pool party

and this particular cocktail even comes wholewithout a hangover the next morning out. The classic margarita consists of two parts tequila, one part triple sec and another part lime juice and is served in a salted glass. However, this existsMargarita swimming aid to 100 made of vinyl and is filled with air. But even without the alcoholic turns, it is a lot of fun for the summer days..

May it be some lime too?

As well as the popular margarita drink, this one comes tooCocktail air mattress with a slice of lime. With the bright green and the classic glass shape, this funny swimming ring is perfect. When set up, it is 1.80 m long and therefore offers plenty of space for extended water tours, even for two.).

Inflate in 3 minutes and into the pool

Easily with your own lung power or with a little help from a pump, this air mattress is inflated and ready for the 'wave ride'. Thesolid outer shell made of plastic also allows wild water action without this margarita swim ring running out of breath. If something does happen, it canSupplied repair kit Repair the damage very quickly.

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