XL swimming rings"two hearts"

CHF 39.90
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Double swim ring Two hearts

The power of two hearts - slide cool over the water in double baking.

Product features:

  • Heart shaped swim ring Hearts are interconnectedn)
  • Length of over 180cm
  • Material: 100 plasticf
  • Easy to clean

Love clearly goes through the swim ring

Whether it's an exciting holiday flirt or a long-standing picture-perfect marriage - if you want to hang around in the pool with your loved one with a crush on you, you should definitely grab this heart partner swimming bracelet. With this funny onePool toys no one can perish and certainly not your love Thanks oneHeight over 1.80m it offers enough space for comfortable floating.

The heart swim ring - also for the "quick" love

ThisHeart air mattress is ready for the water love game in no time. Simply with the kissable mouth or the air pump(do not inflate part of the scope of delivery and take it into the cool water. The stable and dimensionally stable plastic jacket ensures that even the most exciting and turbulent pool action cannot harm the swim ring. So what are you waiting for? Take off together in the couples bathing fun.. 

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