Silvio Berlusconi mask

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Mister Bunga-Bunga - Silvio Berlusconi paper mask

He can celebrate like no other. Silvio Berlusconi is the epitome of the party stallion - well over 70 years old, but still drinkable and nocturnal like a young Roman. Withthe Berlusconi cardboard mask you become the party president of Italy.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x paper mask à la Silvio Berlusconi

Product Features:

  • UnisexSize
  • mask perfect for parties
  • Light to wear
  • Material from sturdy cardboard

Whether as president of AC Milan, as head of the largest Italian media group or as prime minister of the Mediterranean republic - Silvio Berlusconi has barely left out a faux pas in his life. Affairs with prostitutes, tax fraud and much more are rumored in. Celebrities and politicians from all over the world went in and out of his lavish parties and the 'Party Silvio' had a good blast. Not least because of this, he was nicknamed Bunga-Bunga President.

With theBerlusconi paper mask from Rubies you can follow in the footsteps of this peculiar character. Black leather shoes and a Brioni made-to-measure suit complete the look. And if you want to invite your political party friends to a theme party, don't forget that tooe Vladimir Putin and theTrump mask add to your shopping cart. Because this team of three will bring even the boring party to the boil.

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