Vladimir Putin mask

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Wladi from the East Block - Putin paper maskke

He rides a bare chest on the back of a taiga bear, still plays ice hockey regularly in old age and the hearts of women still fall to him by the dozen - we're talking about Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. With thisPhoto mask of the Russian President you become the head of the Kremlin.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Vladimir Putin paper mask

Product Features:

  • UniversalSize
  • mask perfect for parties
  • Light to wear
  • Material from sturdy cardboard

Hardly any politician of the present day generates more admiration and rejection at the same time. Idolized by his supporters and despised by his opponents - Vladimir Putin certainly knows how to polarize. But for over 17 years, as the chief boss of Russia, he has held all the strings of the great empire in the east in his hands.

With the Celebrity Cardboard Mask by Rubies you can slip into the role of the ex-KGB man and now president. Your outfit is quickly completed by either wearing a sleek suit or appearing in a silk balloon sports suit. Especially at a theme party you can go with thePutin mask score and also cleverly enter into political costume alliances. The role of the Russian is ideally complemented by that of the American president. Also thee Donald Trump mask is in theParty Panda Shop available.

    So grab the Putin Paper Mask and let the Moscow party nights revive:Nastrovje!

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