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The ultimate addition to your costume

So you've decided on a party or carnival outfit and are now looking for the right accessories to round off the look. Then take a look at our breathtaking ones colorful contact lenses.

Basically, many disguises can be spiced up for a wide variety of occasions with these party lenses. But especially when it comes to creating a creepy eye-catcher and aTo upgrade your Halloween costume, then these little helpers are the best choice. For example, if you have chosen a devil costume, you can bring the glow of hell into your eyes with the fiery red contact lenses. And it is similar with theWitch contact lenses, which gives your evil woman costume the finishing touch. Shock effect guaranteed!t!

How about the wearing comfort?

The colored eye lenses are very soft and can easily be worn for several hours. They have no prescription and can be easily inserted. However, we recommend that you practice with the lens for 15 or 20 minutes before entering the hustle and bustle and that you get used to the new perspective. With proper care, they will lastParty contact lenses certainly for 6 to 12 months.

Vampire, zombie, witch - no Halloween costume without the right accessories

On Halloween we dress up eerily beautiful for one simple reason: We want to drive the evil spirits out of our neighborhood. With the horror clown look or as the undead á la Shaun of the Dead, we want to spread fear and fear to protect ourselves from the evil ghosts. But the Halloween costume accessories are decisive for the corresponding horror factor. Everyone should go aheadn Pay attention to an appealing make-up. With just a few simple stepsTurn a simple costume into a real horror eye-catcher. Many instructions can be found on YouTube.

Theideal ingredient for your Halloween make-up is in the end thecolored contact lens, which emphasizes your eyes again and which makes your friends fear and anxiety. Ready for use in a few seconds, they provide the absolute icing on the cake.

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