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The thermometer is hovering around 30 degrees and the favorite ice cream is out of stock again - clear signs of summer are emerging. And what could be more obvious than celebrating this wonderful time with family and friends with a proper pool party. This article highlights the most important things to look out for so that the summer party is definitely a success..

Waikiki Beach or Pirates of the Caribbean - How about a motto?

There are so many aspects to consider when planning a party well. Choosing a motto helps us to approach these processes a little more relaxed andnothing to forget. In the case of the pool celebration, the subject of water should of course be in the foreground. Popular topics in this context are for example:

  • Hawaii - Beach
  • Pirates and pirates
  • Movie and TV

Mitch - Baywatch - Rote Rettungsboje

Especially in the area of TV and cinema classics, there are a number of funny motifs for the festival. Who does not remember the toupee from the chestMitch alias David Hasselhoff or the skin-tight swimsuit by Pamela Anderson in Baywatch. With bright red swim shorts and the obligatory life buoy, every guest feels immediately transported back to the 90s. Also aThomas Magnum with his iconic mustache and the floral shirts can be used as a source of inspiration and the planned Hawaiian party gets a funny 80s touch.

They are similarly popular and ideally suited for children's entertainmentNeptune Festival. The ancient god of water can be an exciting focal point of the celebration and with the corresponding Neptune baptism every participant will get their money's worth, no matter whether small or large.

No matter which motto you choose. Make sure that youHave little gimmicks ready for your party guests like Hawaiian necklaces, sunglasses or pirate hats. After all, the disguised grudges shouldn't be neglected either!

Unicorn air mattress and pool cup holder: it depends on the right decoration

The topicParty decoration naturally follows on from the chosen motto. With a few simple steps and gadgets, the garden and the swimming pool at home are upgraded by worlds. It is important to pay attention to the right water toys. The times of boring air mattresses and pool noodles are over.‘Pimp your pool’ is the motto this year:

As soon as all swimming rings are inflated and allPool unicorns The next step is to design other decorative elements and here you can actually do a lot yourself.Handicrafts and do-it-yourself have been back in trend for years and with a little skill you can also create great summer decorations.

YouTube and Pinterest are the best places to go for this. A small selection ofHomemade summer design tips:

Let me entertain you - party games and more for the summer

Dirty Dancing Hebefigur

    It is advisable to ensure that a pool party is remembered for a long time and that people who missed it get annoyed for years afterwards to provide adequate animation. With games and small events, the mood can be quickly lifted and the ice is broken. At the end of the day, there are tons of ideas for entertainment. Of thePartypanda recommends you at this point the following 3:

    1. Build onePhotobooth on. Great snapshots are the alpha and omega of every celebration. Make sure that your guests have a few utensils to create great photos. On the one hand, you can use theSkilfully staging pool floats, as well as provide a set of props from which everyone can choosecan fish out a funny beard or mask. It is also advisable to have writing materials such as blackboard and chalk ready to record the party statements forever.
    1. Use air mattresses for the games. A trueThe classic pool game is the air mattress race. The length of the pool can only be bridged by paddling and the whole thing should of course be quick. The revelers can compete in elimination races, and so can youObstacles or tasks (Blindfold come up to make it not too easy for everyone..
    1. The following gimmick is interesting for all friends of the 80s. Let the future couples inm Dirty dancing figure lifting competition compete and choose the best performance. Due to the surrounding water at least chest height, this variant is also ideal for all non-trained replacement Patrick Swayzes and is much gentler on the intervertebral discs.n.

    Beer Pong LuftmatratzeSpecial tip for the cheerful party: The Beer Pong pool party. The most skillful drinking game or the most joyful drinking game of skill is the absolute hit and can be done with thisSpecial air mattress Move directly into the cool water. The aim of the game is to hit the opponent's cups with a table tennis ball and clear them one after the other. The trick is, as soon as a hit is landed, the opposing team also has to empty this cup. This makes Beer Pong ideal as entertainment while at the same time reducing the beer or sparkling wine reserves.

    So far, so good with the first ideas for your pool party. In the next part we illuminate againthe topics of snacks, drinks and party music.

    So stay tuned to the water ballll