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Pool Party: Alles zum Thema Musik, Drinks und Snacks

in thefirst part of the article we have already highlighted the topics of party motto, party decorations and party games. Now it's time to cheer on this celebration and that's why we dedicate ourselves to the physical well-being and the musical background.

4. Keyword catering - the right drinks and snacks

As an organizer, you also have to pay attention to strengthening your stomach, and especially in warm temperatures, the refreshment factor comes into play here.

Everyone loves ice cream and if you want to control the taste and sugar content yourself, you should definitely swing the wooden spoon yourself, because it's overnot difficult at all. Delicious, fruity variations are prepared in the kitchen in no time and are always ready to use. One of the simplest variants is the popsicle ice cream. with a yogurt-blueberry combobo?

    Just as practical asA soda is also used as a cooling measure in warm temperatures. And nothing is aromatic like a homemade iced tea. Well chilled it is the top choice for children and of course for adults too. You can also use it as a fruity base for summer cocktails and long drinks.n.

      Another highlight in the area of alcoholic percentages isa self-made vodka melon. These can be prepared in a relaxed manner the day before the party and conjured up from the refrigerator in time for the evening. But you should be careful that you keep the dear children away from her, because you don't want to seduce anyone into alcohol abuse. The following video explains the preparation perfectly. The highlight here - with the tap, the melon can also be converted into a beverage barrel - brilliant!

        5. Summer Vibes - Choose the right party beats

          What is missing for absolute party happiness Of course the right music. We rummaged through playlists in our Party-Panda team for hours, argued heavily and finally we did our summer top 10 2017 compiled. Connect the music box, turn it up and party:

          6. Safety first

          With all the fun a summer pool party brings, we want to repeat the last tipappeal to security. A sunny day, cool pool water, refreshing cocktails and possibly also bright children - all in all a combination that also brings out their dangers.

          So make sure it isadequate sun protection for everyone gives. Set up a corner as a sun milk station that everyone can use at any time. You should also provide shady spots and possibly put up umbrellas. You should also be careful in the pool area.Small children must always be equipped with swimming aids and always to be observed by a supervisor to rule out any accident from the outset. And last but not least, take care of your guestssufficient drink supply of water and diluted juices and the risk of heat stroke is specifically fought.

          So then it just saysAir mattresses pump it up, chill the beer and distribute the straw hats! Pool party in 1, 2, 3 ...

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