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Christmaster,Gangstaclaus,Rudolph andSantaboss. No, that's not the name of the angels from the heavenly Christmas choir, but the hottest onesOpposuits at Christmas time! All of them combined offer the greatest fun at parties and family meals in the run-up to Christmas. With the disguise, this party fun relates to the lords of creation, because after all, as one can derive from the word "suits", these are suits. But not normal. These suits are anti-chic and kitsch. Everything that Christmas stands for and more is combined in this disguise. The parties are great fun, and after the Christmas season you can still enjoy the photos with your opposuit.

Opposuits Christmas Family Foto

Christmas Opposuits - Family Photo 

Celebrate the pre-Christmas season differently.

At the Opposuit Party, the focus is on the suits. These are anything but reserved, because they come in shiny fabrics in the typical classic cut. The colors red, green, white and blue dominate. All colors associated with the Christmas season. The motifs are z. B. bells, snowmen, stars, fir trees and candy canes in the foreground, and all of this is combined with snowflakes and large striking stripes. The suits are the epitome of anti-chic and kitsch, in English one would say "ugly". But that is precisely what is intended. You want to combine all the Christmas clichés. What would the opposuit be without matching accessories? Of course, the matching tie in the same print as the rest of the suit belongs to it. A classic plain-colored shirt is combined to ensure that the tie and the opposuit do not lose their effect. As an absolute eye-catcher, cufflinks in the form of z. B. a star, a Christmas tree or a Santa Claus can be chosen as the opposuit. If you want, you can add the finishing touches to your outfit with a pocket square, cylinder or hat.

Weihnachts Opposuit - The Rudolph

The Rudolph

You can wear the opposuit to all theme parties before and after Christmas, or as a gag all year round e.g. B. at Schlager parties, Ballermann parties and much more A party appearance with a partner is also possible. What belongs to Christmas: Of course a Christmas angel or an elf. So you and your companion stand together for the concentrated attitude to life at Christmas. The suits are also great for celebrating a bachelorette party if it's around Christmas. A whole group of men in Christmas suits will certainly attract attention and put you in a good mood.

Weihnachts Opposuits - Christmaster


If you want to throw an opposuit party at your home for Christmas, it is advisable not to save on the decoration either. Turn your apartment into a Christmas paradise with artificial snow, tinsel, Christmas stars, moose, snowmen and colorful fairy lights. When choosing the music, you should rely on a classic Christmas mix. There are great albums for the later night, where Christmas songs are mixed with house, techno and hip hop. This guarantees you a great night of partying and lots of dancing guests.

Weihnachts Opposuits - Quilty Pleasure

Quilty Pleasure

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