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Celebrating a clown and a cowboy together is the time of theCarnival.

Carnival, also popularly known as the "fifth season", is the time of disguise, cheerfulness, exuberant joy and exuberant celebrations. Traditionally, the time starts on 11/11 at 11:11 a.m., in some areas after Epiphany, and continues until February or March. Classic or unusual costumes are essential during this time. Because no matter whether at a meeting or at the street carnival, nobody goes to party without disguise. When choosing a costume, you can let your creativity run free, according to the motto: the more original the better.

Costumes toCarnival in abundance.

ToCarnival there is a huge selection of costumes for the little ones as well as for women and men. When choosing the paneling, it is also decisive whether you want more indoors in the restaurant or at homeCarnival celebrates, or more at carnival parades outside on the street.

LotsCostumes are also classics. For the children there are disguises such as B. Princess, cowboy, Indian, ballerina, clown, fairy, magician, pirate or elf are very popular every year. With women areCostumes such as policewoman, witch, hippie, devil and nurse very popular every year. The men often pick upCostumes such as B. sailor, police officer, convict or pirate back.


But in recent years cozy, warm full-body costumes such as bears, elephants or rabbits have also become increasingly popular. For the little ones, the cuddly costumes are especially popular with the lion, the tiger and the kitten. They're very practical to dress warmly underneath for the carnival parade. The costume for the party afterwards can easily be worn underneath. Many orientate themselves when choosing their costumeCarnival also on film and television. You see Star Wars characters, Avatar, Ninja Turtles, the Adams Family, Asterix and Obelix and many more again and again. in wild and exuberant partying. Fantasy disguises that you put together yourself, or "practical"Costumes, e.g. B. as a sponge, never go out of style.

The accessories, the icing on the cake for your costume.

Accessories give your costume the finishing touch and perfect it. That is why Mardi Gras and accessories are inseparable. What would z. B. a clown costume without a red wig and red nose You can also find gloves for the Charleston costume, toy guns and handcuffs for the police officer, feather hair hoops for the revue lady, feather headdresses for the Indian and much more. Wigs of all colors and lengths are also very popular, as they change the overall appearance without much effort. The make-up for Carnival turns a vampire into a vampire or what you have chosen as a costume. There is also no need to save on glitter. In general, the same applies to accessories: whatever you like can be worn and applied. For those who do not want to mutate into make-up artists, there are practical rubber or plastic masks that change the entire look without great effort. For a party at home, accessories like streamers and balloons are a must.

What would the time ofCarnival without music.

If you want to organize a private party at home, you cannot ignore the right music. For Carnival it has to be party songs that spread the mood and that you can sing along with For this, hits are recommended, such as those played at Ballermann or at hut parties during après-ski. But also typical groups like the Höhner, Brings, Klaus & amp; Klaus or the pavers shouldn't be missing. If you don't want to search long for the best hits, you can fall back on a specially compiled CD with the biggest carnival hits.

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