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With aCowboy and Indian costume do you feel like you are in the "Wild West" at Carnival.

To theClassics in cladding this is definitely part of carnivalCowboy and Indian costume. As a child, who didn't want to be a real Indian or cowboy at least once. The cowboy and Indian disguise is also perfect as a group costume or couple costume. The nice thing is that these costumes also leave room for your own creativity. As the song says "Come get the lasso out, we'll play cowboys and Indians", in this sense let's turn the carnival location into a steppe.

Cowboy Kostüm

Cowboy and Indian costume makes the youngsters happy and the adults too

So that the little ones can feel like real Indians and cowboys,there is a large selection of different costumes. For the girls, the Indian costume is very often in the style of the Disney character "Pocahontas". The dresses, which are mostly made in suede optics, come with a lot of embroidery and fringes. If you like it a little more colorful, choose a dress that is also embroidered with pearls.

For boys, the costume consists of trousers and a top, often with a suede look or a complete suit in the style of a jumpsuit. As with the girls, the elaborate embroidery and leather fringes should not be missing as decoration.

Forthe cowgirl costume Skirts in combination with blouse and vest dominate. The blouses can be checked in proper style, otherwise white and red blouses dominate. As with the Indians, the vests and skirts are decorated with fringes, and small embroidery also sets the scene for the costume. Little show girls inspire us at Carnival, the dresses, which are about ankle-length, shine in a fiery red and come with lots of frills.

For boys, if you want to be a real cowboy, you can't do without pants in combination with a shirt and vest. The trousers are often made of denim with leather or light fabric mixed with leather. The vests in the fringed look are often studded with metal applications. In cowboy and Indian costumes, the natural tones predominate, which is why the costumes are often beige, brown and white. While the cowboys often attract attention with their cow-spot patterns, the leopard print dominates the Indians.

TheCowboy and Indian costumefor the adults is very similar to that for the children. Here, too, the Indian women stand out with their richly embroidered costumes, fringed over and over. The difference with the girls is that their costume is mostly a full dress. The ladies are spoiled for choice between a skirt with a top and a dress. Sometimes there is also a kind of jumpsuit, where the trousers are richly decorated.

As with the boys, the men wear pants with a matching top. Among the adults, the jumpsuit is rather rare for the men. Here, too, there is no skimpy on decoration. In the Indian costumes for men, feathers are often chosen as an ornament. The cowgirls also choose a skirt, blouse and waistcoat for women. The difference to the girls is that a long skirt with flounces is often the eye-catcher of the costume. Or the sexy version with a cow stain mini skirt. Corsages are also indispensable for women, especially for sexy western brothel women. The men's costume is just like that for the boys. Pants with leather applications, vests with leather fringes and mostly checked shirts. The western crooks costume is also popular, with a wool poncho over the waistcoat and rough jeans. Many couples choose a coordinated disguise as a common disguiseCowboy and Indian costume.

It depends on the accessories.

With a cowboy andIndian costume you have to work with accessories. For women, wigs with long braids are important in order to present themselves as a stylish Indian. Furthermore, feather chains and feather headdresses for men and women dominate. For the stylish cowboy and also for the cowgirl, hats, pistols, bows and arrows are always up to date. For a sheriff, of course, the star cannot be missing. And a pistol belt makes you a real cowboy.

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