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Halloween, the festival of ghosts and zombies, inspires tens of thousands of people around the world every year

Halloween takes place every year in the evening and the night before All Saints' Day. It's the night of ghosts, witches and zombies. The customs known to us in Europe come from America and England, where Halloween has been a popular festival for many decades. This custom has had a permanent place in Europe since the 1990s and is celebrated in a larger and more diverse way from year to year.


Zombie Halloween Geschäftsmann

Zombie businessman


No Halloween without disguise

If you really want to celebrate on October 31st, you should dress up. This applies to young and old, because Halloween would be nothing without its eerily beautiful costumes. Disguises as zombie, pirate, witch, skeleton, vampire and much more are particularly popular. Many are also inspired by films. Every year you see Michael Myers, the Adams Family and Draculas on the streets, in discos and at private parties. But also beautiful and cute costumes, such as princess, ladybug, clown and many more, with matching make-up will be a scary highlight on this day. Because on Halloween fake blood, plastic pus ulcers, black-colored teeth, bulging eyes and whatever else there is, just as much as a costume.


Freddy Krüger

Freddy Kruger

Where and how is the best place to celebrate Halloween

Traditionally in America and also in Europe the festival begins with the children in their costumes going from door to door and collecting as many sweets as possible and other delicacies with the slogan "Trick or Treat". In the evening and at night there are many ways to celebrate the festival of the spirits. There is the possibility of celebrating in differently decorated bars or discos or, if you like it more stylish, visit the legendary Halloween celebrations in a castle. These castles can be transformed into haunted castles for one night with suitable decorations and lights. The other option is to decorate your apartment or your party room appropriately and to celebrate a private Halloween themed party. In order for the celebration to be successful, as with the organized public parties, the decoration must not be missing. To make it really scary, we recommend plastic skeletons, artificial cobwebs, plastic spiders, hollowed out pumpkins, fairy lights, artificial fog and much more.


Piraten Skellette

Pirate skeleton

Culinary highlights on Halloween.

Food and drinks also get scary and scary. Cocktails and bowls are often given eyes. Food color is also often used to create a "bloody" or "purulent" drink or food. What is eaten or drunk on Halloween is up to the organizer, it just shouldn't look particularly appetizing. As a further decoration there are napkins, plates and straws with Halloween-typical prints.


Hockey Maske

Jason Voorhees costume

Musical supporting program

For Halloween there are specially compiled CDs with sounds from the "crypt", such as: hysterical laughter, painful moans, creaking doors, ringing bells and much more. Celtic music and spherical sounds are also suitable. Otherwise you can play whatever you like.


Halloween Clown Maske

Halloween clown mask


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