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For about two decades, Halloween has cast its spell not only on Americans, but also on Europeans. The eerily beautiful spectacle, one day before All Saints' Day October 31, awakens creativity in young and old. Every year, people surprise with the most unusual costumes, scariest cocktails and eerily decorated locations. Whole streets and neighborhoods shine in the classic colors of black, white, gray, red, yellow and orange on Halloween and invite you to shiver. On this day the boundaries between reality, spirit world and exuberant partying become blurred.n.


Halloween Makeup

Halloween makeup 

Costumes for the little Halloween fans.

Traditionally, the little ones move from door to door alone, with friends or family, inviting residents to give them sweets with the slogan "Trick or Treat". In order to follow this custom, one thing must of course not be missing, suitable costumes. Disguises as vampire, dragon, pumpkin, witch, ghost,skeleton, Devil, hangman, zombie and much more. In recent years, characters from various series or films have been used as disguises: Star Wars, the various Monster High dolls or those from the film Dracula. Especially with girls, the costumes are often cute. B. Princess, queen or ladybug, these are then styled with make-up, fake blood, etc. Halloween-fair.


Süsses oder Saures - Halloweenkostüme für Kinder

Trick or Treat - Halloween costumes for kids


How to become a star at the next Halloween party - costumes for him and her.

The same applies to adults at Halloween parties, on the train through the decorated bars or when you accompany the little ones collecting sweets:fancy Halloween costumes must not be missing. The classics are: Disguises as a magician, sorceress, witch, vampire, pirate, bat, Hulk or Count Dracula and much more. As with children, many of the adult costumes are inspired by films: Count Dracula, Pirates of the Caribbean, Hulk, Batgirl and of course the classic Adam Family. Another aspect to consider when choosing the disguise is whether the festival takes place outside or inside for Halloween, as October is no longer necessarily one of the warmest months of the year. The costumes are available in a longer version or, especially for women, in a shorter form that emphasizes the sex appeal. These are particularly suitable for parties in discos etc..). 

 Halloween Kostüme für Sie und Ihn

Halloween costumes for him and her


Accessories and make-up make Halloween costumes a real highlight.

If you want to really astonish friends and acquaintances, you don't just use a costume when dressing up. There is an almost endless range of accessories. There would be:Halloween masks, Vampire teeth, gloves, wigs, warts, knives, claws, artificial nails and hats. These round off the outfit skilfully, underline the personality at the same time and make the costume something unique. Other tricks are the use of fake blood, black ink for the teeth and a crass eye make-up. With these little aids you are sure to make a furious appearance. If you want to go further, you can also fall back on aliens or worms, which scare everyone out of their costume at the push of a button by jumping towards them. On Halloween you can let your creativity run free and make your surroundings scary.


Zombie Halloween Kostüm

Zombie Halloween costume 


Mottopartys, that's how they kidnap their guests into the realm of darkness.

Of course, Halloween doesn't just include scary costumes, but also the right atmosphere. In the meantime, many castles offer special parties that are very special thanks to the authentic style. But even parties in pubs, discos and at home, with the appropriate decoration, become a place where even ghosts would only dare to enter in pairs. Particularly popular for decorating are: artificial cobwebs, eyes, spiders, fake blood, skeletons and all kinds of holograms. One can do hisBut also put a Halloween party under a motto. For example, the "Medieval party", the "Science fiction party"and the" Welcome to the Adams Family Party "offer. Of course, there are no limits to creativity. A party that takes people into the realm of ghosts with gruesome music is also unbeatable. The pumpkin, hollowed out, is inseparable from Halloween and with gruesome grimaces it brings light into the dark or lights the way for the party guests.


Ghostbusters beliebtes Gruppenkostüm

Ghostbusters popular group costume


Eerily beautiful food and drinks with a shock effect.

When it comes to drinks, cocktails or punch bowls in red, green or black are particularly suitable. These are decorated with creepy eyes or artfully decorated olives and are sure to give you goose bumps when you visit them. Absolute classics among Halloween drinks are: Bloody Mary, cucumber cocktail, mud punch, woodruff punch or a zombie. When it comes to physical well-being, the shock effect on this special day should not be spared. You can spice up all your dishes with food coloring, plastic spiders or artificial eyes and make them an absolute shocker.

Halloween is a festival that takes young and old into another darker world. A festival that enchants you and at the same time makes you shudder. A festival that challenges your creativity and where you can be someone else through costumes for one night. A festival that young and old love alike. Simply a party that they have fun.

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