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The Oktoberfest in Munich is a huge folk festival that takes place every year from the end of September to October.

Bavaria Treppe am Oktoberfest

Bavaria stairs at Oktoberfest

Between the rides that delight young and old, the focus of attention is particularly on the beer tents. Here is swaying, singing and partying. It is rustic and hearty. Culinary delights of white sausages, pretzels, knuckle of pork and of course the traditional mass delight visitors from all over the world. Meanwhile, the Oktoberfest has established itself in other cities and countries and people celebrate in Bavarian style. Just like folk music and delicious food, traditional costume fashion is part of the Oktoberfest. In many beer tents, lederhosen and dirndls are compulsory because that's what really creates the atmosphere.

Ohne Brezn geht’s nicht!

You can't do without pretzels!!

Anyone who thinks that dirndl is the same as dirndl and leather trousers is the same as leather trousers is very wrong. As in the rest of the fashion world, there are current trends in traditional costume fashion for the Oktoberfest. This means that the cuts, fabrics and colors change a little every year and are often based on current fashion trends. Of course there are also the classic dirndls, which are absolutely timeless, and the recurring country house fashion. This fashion also has a permanent place in the beer tents and on the squares.

Teufelsrad am Oktoberfest

Teufelsrad at Oktoberfest

For women, the dirndl is again at the forefront of the trend for the Oktoberfest this year. When choosing a dirndl you are spoiled for choice. You have to decide whether it should be a mini, midi or maxi dirndl. The bodice of the dirndl sets the bust wonderfully in scene and gives the outfit a certain sex appeal without looking wicked. You wear the bodice dirndl with matching blouses from cute, playful, traditional with embroidery, to unusual models in short or longer versions.

Hacker-Festzelt - Himmel der Bayern

Hacker marquee - Heaven of Bavaria

Another eye-catcher are the dirndl aprons with numerous details and the petticoat petticoats that are trendy this year. There are also differences in the materials used for the dirndl. They are available in silk, cotton, linen, in exotic sari fabrics, in brocade, with taffeta and with lace. Comfortable, not too high pumps should be used for shoes. Alternatively, you can choose rough boots as a contrast. The finishing touches are the chains in traditional costume style, which additionally emphasize the cleavage. Another trend for women is leather shorts, which are combined with a traditional blouse and boots.

Fahrgeschäft am Oktoberfest

Ride at Oktoberfest

At the Oktoberfest, not only women want to score in fashion, but men too. The fashion with the "Buam", the men, is rather classic. That's why you are perfectly dressed in leather pants this year too. As with women, there are leather pants in different lengths, the short and the longer version. There is also the particularly easy-care "Pfoad" in the style of a traditional work shirt. It is mostly plain-colored in natural or white. But also for men there are traditional shirts in Vichy pattern for trendsetters, which come along as eye-catchers with cufflinks. These shirts are cut more tightly and are worn in combination with a vest. The vests are brightly colored and made of velvet, brocade, cotton or taffeta. The small embroidery gives the otherwise plain colored waistcoat the finishing touch. These vests can be worn casually with lederhosen.

When it comes to lederhosen, the used look, also known as the antique look, is particularly popular this year. The trousers already have the patina of the "worn" and the classic seat folds when they are bought. At the Oktoberfest, many men also wear their lederhosen with belts in traditional costume style or the ornate silver clasp.

Trachtenhüte am Oktoberfest

Traditional hats at Oktoberfest

A trend that applies equally to men and women is wearing a traditional hat. For men, these are perfectly combined with traditional lederhosen with or without a chamois beard. The trend among women continues to pay homage to the dirndl and allows the classic style as well as current designer designs, which are often reserved for women who are courageous in fashion. Another point that applies to both sexes: At Oktoberfest, the clothes can be colorful.

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With this in mind, we wish everyone a peaceful Oktoberfest!