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Vorlagen für Halloween Kürbisse findenThe big pumpkin carving is popular. Need some inspiration A world without Halloween pumpkins is possible, but pointless! Something like that is an old Chinese proverb. And we want to follow this wisdom this year too. Numerous instructions and tips on the Internet prove that decorating and designing the popular autumn vegetables is not that difficult. But where do you start?? Where can you find inspiration and good examples of pumpkin faces? The party panda has looked around for sources on this Internet for you. And on top of that he has given you his personal top 5 list of pumpkin carvings.

Where does one get templates for pumpkin carving from??

Pumpkin carving is of course an American invention and the United States is a good place to go with its numerous Halloween competitions and pumpkin festivals. It should be mentioned, however, that we in Switzerland also have a tradition of carved vegetables in connection with placing a tea light. We're talking about the classic carving of rods and thatm Making a Räbelielichtli. As already described in our LINK BLOG ENTRY handicraft instructions, it is advisable to pre-scratch the outlines of the figure with knives and tools before starting. To do this, we attach a template made of paper directly to the pumpkin and then use a fork or similar to prick the later cutouts. An easy way to do this is onee targeted search query on Google. For example:

In addition, numerous websites can be discovered that have a large download area with patterns for Halloween pumpkins.A small selection of links:

The pumpkin carving hit list from the party panda

And has you got the lust for carving If not, then your hand should begin to twitch incessantly after looking at the following Halloween artworks at the latest. The urge to tinker and decorate comes automatically;;)

5th place: The 'Christian' variant

  • Papst Franziskus als Kürbis
  • Famous personalities as pumpkin heads have a long tradition. This copy with Pope Francis is extremely detailed.

4th place: tongue out!

  • Halloween Pumpkin mit Zunge
  • It doesn't always have to be an absolutely filigree masterpiece. This pumpkin variant impresses with its wit!

Rank 3: Nightmare on Elm Street

  • Freddy Krüger - Der Kultfilm als Kürbis Vorlage
  • Here comes Freddy! The film cult figure was immortalized here in a creepy and apt way.

2nd place: Carving to the power of 10!

  • Football Spieler als Halloweenkürbis
  • For people with a lot of patience and a golden hand. The football player as a Halloween pumpkin

1st place: Happy Michael

  • The ultimate film for Hallow's Eve and its main character Michael Myers were processed in this gruesome pumpkin copy.

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